Meet our doctors…

ACCESS – Pasadena is a multi-specialty animal hospital with both emergency trained, and board-certified doctors* (see below), who  the kind of compassion and empathy to pause and give your pet a gentle pat for no other reason than love! 

*Note: not all of our doctors are board-certified.


Jennifer Dasse Beveridge, DVM
Megan Cootauco, DVM
Emily Liles, DVM
Megan Parry, DVM
Linnaea Scott, DVM
Schedule: Varies

Critical Care

Victoria Chu, DVM, DACVECC Schedule: Wed – Sat


Internal Medicine


Temporarily unavailable.


Colleen Tansey, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Schedule: TBA


Interesting fact: Because your pet can’t ask for another opinion, our doctors will often do it for them. Thanks to our collaborate care policy, it’s not uncommon to see several doctors, some with many years of specialized training, huddled over a patient to ensure it has the best possible treatment and care.

What’s in a title?

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